Speculation Swirls Around Final Fantasy 9’s Potential Revival

March 12, 2024

Insider information hints at Square Enix’s possible reimagining of Final Fantasy 9, shedding light on the game’s anticipated direction and potential platforms.

The gaming community is abuzz with speculation following a series of tweets hinting at a new rendition of Final Fantasy 9 by Square Enix. This comes at a time when the Final Fantasy series is riding a wave of popularity, with the release of Final Fantasy 16 in June 2023 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on February 29 of the same year. Fans are eagerly discussing what could be next for the franchise, particularly the possibility of revisiting the cherished Final Fantasy 9 in a remake akin to the ambitious scale seen in the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy. The recent expansion of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which extended a shorter original game into a 41-hour adventure, has set a precedent that some fans hope will be applied to a Final Fantasy 9 remake.

While some enthusiasts express a desire for a visual and experiential upgrade to Final Fantasy 9 that maintains the integrity of the classic, opinions vary. Some argue that the original game, hailed as one of the top RPGs of the 2000s, stands on its own without the need for a remake. Others suggest that newcomers should experience the original Final Fantasy 7 to grasp the essence of its widespread acclaim.

Unofficial whispers of a Final Fantasy 9 remake have circulated before, but a new claim by Twitter user Silknigth has reignited discussions. According to Silknigth, plans for the remake aim for a close replication of the original experience, albeit with a budget that falls short of the vast resources allocated to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy. It’s hinted that the project was initially envisioned for the Nintendo Switch but might be expanded to accommodate Nintendo’s next-generation console. Silknigth advises fans to temper their expectations for any imminent announcements.

This leak fuels anticipation for a remake that mirrors the approach of titles like Persona 3 Reload, which offers modern updates and enhancements while retaining the core experience of the original. This is contrasted with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Rebirth, which some fans believe alter too much of the original narrative to serve as an introductory experience to the series. The changes in the 7 Remake trilogy suggest a familiarity with the original game’s events is necessary, positioning the series more as a continuation than a direct remake.

While skepticism often meets such leaks, the credibility of this particular rumor is somewhat bolstered by the leaker’s connection to respected industry insider Jason Schreier, who follows Silknigth. While not a confirmation of the leak’s accuracy, it suggests the information has previously been of interest. As Square Enix directs its focus on advancing other titles within the Final Fantasy series, enthusiasts may find themselves relying on the rumor mill for the foreseeable future.

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