Palworld Player Achieves Max Level Prior to Completing Tutorial

February 10, 2024

Palworld Player Reaches Max Level in Open World Survival Game Before Completing Tutorial

A player in Palworld has achieved level 50 in the open-world survival game before completing the tutorial. While Palworld offers players a tutorial to help them grasp the basics of the game, it doesn’t restrict players from progressing freely. This flexibility allows players to choose whether to follow the tutorial objectives or bypass them altogether. Taking advantage of this freedom, one player reached the maximum level without fulfilling the tutorial’s final objective, which involves defeating the boss at the Rayne Syndicate Tower.

Reddit user Jenonen shared this accomplishment, garnering over 2,000 upvotes on Reddit. Although Jenonen completed most of the tutorial objectives, they opted not to confront the boss at the Rayne Syndicate Tower. This boss battle marks a significant milestone in the game, akin to facing a “gym leader” in traditional RPGs. With Jenonen now at level 50, overcoming this challenge should pose little difficulty.

The Palworld tutorial comprises seven objectives, including checking the Survival Guide, gathering resources to build a workbench, crafting a Pal Sphere to catch a Pal, establishing a base with a Palbox, and upgrading the base to level 7. While defeating the Tower boss is one objective, players can explore various other activities in Palworld to gain experience points, such as hatching eggs, capturing new Pals, and engaging in battles.

Looking ahead, potential updates may introduce additional Tower challenges and possibly raise the level cap beyond 50. Developers have hinted at future updates introducing new Technologies, suggesting a potential expansion of the game’s content and mechanics. However, concrete details remain speculative at this point, and for now, the maximum level in Palworld remains capped at level 50.

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