Manor Lords: Maximizing the Trapping Development Node

May 15, 2024

The Trapping Development Node in Manor Lords empowers hunters assigned to a Hunting Camp with an additional skill: setting traps. These traps serve to significantly boost the meat yield of a Hunting Camp, providing local settlers with another food source to meet market demands.

However, understanding how trapping operates in the game may not be immediately apparent. Players may observe that after unlocking the Trapping node, their hunters stray far into the forest instead of remaining near the Wild Animals to hunt. Here’s a comprehensive guide to what’s occurring and how players can leverage it to their benefit.

How Trapping Works in Manor Lords

Upon unlocking the Trapping node, hunters assigned to a hunting camp will depart from their current task and head to the trapping area to set traps. It may be assumed that these traps are placed in a Hunting Ground where animals roam, but this is not the case.

The location where hunters set traps is entirely separate from the Wild Animal gathering spot, often situated in a forest untouched by civilization and distant from the hunting ground. In some cases, the trapping area may even be on the opposite side of the region. There are no indicators to pinpoint the trapping area, and the only way to identify it is by monitoring hunters when their assignment bar in the context menu indicates ‘Trapping.’

Additionally, players may not be aware that they can construct multiple Hunting Camps, position them near the trapping area, and assign workers to these camps. Given that there is typically only one Wild Animal in a region, these additional hunting camps will primarily focus on setting traps. Compared to the original Hunting Camp, which is likely situated near the local Hunting Grounds, these new camps will be closer to the trapping zone, allowing them to operate more efficiently. Conversely, if there is only one Hunting Camp responsible for both hunting animals and setting traps, it may struggle to perform both tasks effectively due to the considerable distance between the two areas.

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