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We buy back the games you've purchased on Unlikd once you're done playing them, providing a program that's advantageous for both you and the next gamer

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Having operated several online video game stores for many years, we have observed that digital platforms offer significant advantages in terms of both pricing and instant delivery. However, a notable downside of digital games is their limited lifespan, typically around 30 hours for titles without multiplayer options, rendering them virtually useless once completed. In contrast, while physical games can be resold at stores like Micromania, this raises questions about the real cost to the consumer.

In light of this, we have decided to implement a straightforward and effective buyback process for our games:

- When you purchase a game on Unlikd.com, you receive it in the form of an account, complete with a unique username and password. This account contains only the game purchased from Unlikd. We collaborate exclusively with professional resellers. Each account is created daily by our team, and the gift cards used to fund these accounts are entirely legitimate.

- This account is entirely yours, and you can play as long as you wish. Ownership of the account is transferred to you immediately upon your purchase on Unlikd.

- You have the freedom to resell your account at any time, at your discretion.

By adopting this approach, we minimize the impact on the planet and simultaneously ensure that the impact on your wallet is also limited


After you send request, our team will check the Game Account, if all ok, we add money in Unlikd Wallet the same days.

No Forget : We buy only the Game Account provide by Unlikd.com. No change the User or Pass if you need to resell the Game Account with our service.

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