Hopefully, the sequel to Jedi: Survivor will offer a fresh take on a prominent Star Wars convention.

March 15, 2024

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sets the stage for its sequel to explore intriguing narrative paths. While it remains uncertain if the upcoming installment will feature a time jump akin to its predecessor, anticipation is high for what lies ahead. The gameplay direction and the conclusion of the story arc are crucial considerations, especially given the potential for the series to culminate with this next game. Traditionally, trilogies serve as the standard framework for franchises centered around a single protagonist, mirroring the structure seen in renowned franchises like God of War and the Star Wars movies.

Following the three-act storytelling model of a trilogy is a well-established tradition in the Star Wars universe, with each trilogy eliciting varying degrees of fan enthusiasm. Despite the mixed reception of recent Star Wars trilogies, the enduring popularity of the original trilogy underscores the effectiveness of this narrative approach. Consequently, it wouldn’t be surprising if the journey of protagonist Cal Kestis in the Star Wars Jedi series concludes within a trilogy format.

However, branching out beyond a trilogy requires a cohesive and expansive story arc, as evidenced by the incomplete narrative of The Force Unleashed series. In this context, the hope is that the sequel to Jedi: Survivor will challenge conventional storytelling tropes, much like its predecessors have done within the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Jedi: Embracing Tradition Disruption

Cal Kestis emerges as an unconventional Jedi figure, his journey intricately intertwined with the tumultuous events set in motion by Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the dark side. Had it not been for the shattering of the Jedi Order and his harrowing escape, the narrative trajectory of Fallen Order and Survivor would have been vastly different.

Despite the shattered foundations of the Jedi Order, Cal remains at the forefront of Star Wars Jedi’s narrative, defying traditional Jedi norms. His incomplete training and unorthodox path underscore his atypicality within the Jedi ranks. While initially driven by the hope of restoring the Jedi Order, Cal’s evolution throughout the series reveals a deeper realization: his identity transcends the confines of traditional Jedi principles.

While Cal embodies the essence of Jedi ideals and wields his lightsaber as a beacon of hope in a galaxy besieged by darkness, his character defies conventional Jedi archetypes. Notably, his unexpected romance with Merrin in Jedi: Survivor adds layers to his character, highlighting his complexity and depth.

However, constraining the series to a trilogy solely to adhere to the three-act structure of Star Wars films may overlook unresolved plot threads within Star Wars Jedi. Moreover, the series’ innovative incorporation of Soulslike gameplay represents a refreshing departure for the Star Wars universe, warranting further exploration beyond a traditional trilogy format.

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