Hades 2 Makes a Point to Surpass the Original’s Cerberus in Every Way Possible

May 15, 2024

Hades 2 introduces Animal Companions, offering unique abilities that enhance gameplay variety and strategic choices for players during their runs. Frinos and Toula, the current Animal Companions, provide benefits like projectile blocking, fish-catching, health bonuses, and Death Defiance. The inclusion of Animal Companions in Hades 2 enriches gameplay progression and engagement by allowing players to actively shape their Companions’ growth.

Since its surprise early access release in May 2024, players have been immersing themselves in Hades 2 to explore its current offerings. With the original Hades revolutionizing the roguelike genre and seamlessly weaving its narrative into its dynamic dungeon-crawling gameplay, its successor faces high expectations. While Hades 2 is still evolving, its current iteration features animal companions that may surpass the original’s Cerberus.

Hades 2 brings several innovations that distinguish it from its predecessor, including the introduction of creature allies known as Animal Companions. Although only two are currently available, each offers distinct features that enhance every player’s journey through the surface and the Underworld. Their impact on combat makes them valuable allies, a departure from Cerberus’s role in the original Hades.

One significant difference between Melinoe and her brother Zagreus is their Animal Companions. Unlike Zagreus’s equipment-like Companions, Animal Companions are essentially invulnerable pets that accompany players throughout their adventure, providing both active and passive assistance. While not indispensable, their advantages make them invaluable assets. The two available in the early access version are:

  • Frinos: Melinoe’s pet frog, located in the spawn area. Frinos can block projectiles, occasionally attack, and provide health bonuses.
  • Toula: A striped feline found in Erebus and the docks beyond Ephyra, befriended by Melinoe to aid her efforts. Toula can catch fish for the player, grant an extra Death Defiance, allow additional fishing rod usage, and attack intermittently.

Given Hades 2’s challenging nature, these Animal Companions can expedite progress by providing players with crucial advantages. Their ability to accompany Melinoe on her journey sets them apart from Cerberus, who served solely as an NPC in the previous installment.

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