EA CEO Teases the Development of an EA Sports Metaverse: ‘Stay Tuned for Updates.’

January 31, 2024

Perhaps we can dub it the “Maddenverse.

While speculation surrounding metaverses has subdued, the concept remains alive, and companies are actively exploring ways to integrate their properties into a unified space. Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson, in response to a question during an earnings call, hinted at the potential development of an EA Sports metaverse, suggesting a concrete plan.

Wilson addressed the idea of bringing together EA’s various sport communities into a metaverse-like space. He emphasized the substantial EA player community, exceeding 700 million players, with approximately half engaging with the sports catalog. EA Sports, according to Wilson, stands out as one of the most recognizable sports brands, especially among the upcoming generations Z and Alpha.

Wilson outlined the player behavior, noting that they spend an average of about 90 minutes per session within EA games, followed by interactions on various platforms, content creation, and content consumption. He expressed belief in the significant opportunity to leverage the community both inside and outside of games, emphasizing the potential of EA Sports in this strategy.

While not making any specific announcements, Wilson acknowledged an “incredible opportunity” in the interconnected relationships between EA Sports’ popularity, player behavior, and interactions with other experiences. He concluded by saying, “So best I can say is: watch this space.”

In contrast to some grandiose metaverse propositions from other companies, Wilson’s approach appears tactical and focused. The remarks align with EA’s continued success in EA Sports, with strong financial results for the quarter ending on December 31, 2023. EA reported net bookings of $2.37 billion and net revenue of $1.945 billion, driven by the success of EA Sports FC and Madden. With live services constituting 73% of EA’s business, the company aims to capitalize on this success in exploring metaverse possibilities.

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