Director of Destiny 2 Resigns Following The Final Shape Launch

January 31, 2024

Joe Blackburn Declares It’s Time to “Hand Over the Torch” to Tyson Green.

Destiny 2 Director Joe Blackburn to Step Down Post The Final Shape Expansion Launch in June. Blackburn, known for his role as Destiny’s Lead Raid Designer, expresses the need to “pass the torch” and embark on a “new adventure beyond Bungie’s walls.

As a devoted Guardian even before joining Bungie, being a part of the Destiny 2 team has been an unparalleled privilege,” remarked Blackburn. “I am, and always will be, an unwavering fan of Bungie and a firm believer in the incredible capabilities of its teams.”

Tyson Green, a seasoned player-versus-player expert from the Halo era, renowned for his contribution to Exotic weapons in the first Destiny and a pivotal figure in Bungie’s legacy since Myth II, will assume Blackburn’s role.

Blackburn’s exit coincides with a challenging period for both Bungie and Destiny. In October, Bungie faced significant layoffs, creating an atmosphere described by employees as “soul-crushing.” Destiny 2 has encountered difficulties, including a shrinking playerbase and community controversies. The Final Shape, initially scheduled for February 27, faced a delay to the summer.

Despite these challenges, Blackburn maintained a positive reputation among fans. Serving as game director since at least 2021, he assumed the role after returning to Bungie following a brief tenure with Riot Games. Fans expressed heartfelt goodbyes on platforms like Twitter, acknowledging his contributions to the series.

While Blackburn didn’t disclose his next destination, he mentioned planning a “big break” from social media. “I’ve still got some time before I pass the torch, but as I look forward to taking a big break from social media, I know I’ll see y’all around the Tower. It’s going to be great to play Destiny alongside all of you.”

The Final Shape is set to release on June 4.

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