A Palworld Player Constructs an Impressive Base atop a Mountain

February 15, 2024

A Resourceful Palworld Player Utilizes a Strategic Location to Establish a Mining Base for Farming Valuable Materials

One Palworld player has ingeniously constructed their base atop a mountain. Palworld, an action-oriented game, challenges players to overcome enemy Pals, formidable creatures with unique abilities, to advance in the storyline. It emphasizes survival and exploration, boasting over 130 Pals that aid in traversal. Developers have confirmed plans for content updates in the coming months, introducing additional PvP activities, bosses, and sub-regions.

Since its launch, Palworld has captured significant attention, surpassing two million concurrent players on Steam and ranking among the platform’s top-played games, surpassing titles like Counter-Strike 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3. Additionally, global sales have surged, with over 19 million copies sold.

A resourceful Palworld player, known as Pinesse on Reddit, has erected their base on a rugged mountain, cleverly utilizing stairs shaped like shelves to navigate between levels. This strategic location allows for efficient mining operations, with smaller Pals assisting in the extraction of coal and metal. Those seeking to establish a base in this locale can locate it on the north side of Katress Boss.

Despite its popularity, Palworld still lacks certain quality-of-life features for base-building, as noted by players on Reddit. Suggestions include the ability to upgrade foundations without demolition and the addition of more furniture and decorative items for customization. While no definitive release date has been announced for the next content update, players continue to demonstrate their creativity through various architectural feats.

A recent update for Palworld on Steam and Xbox addresses significant issues, including save file corruption and exploits granting unfair advantages. As the game remains in early access, players can anticipate further bug fixes and enhancements in future updates

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