A New Game Combining Stardew Valley with Fantasy RPG Elements Exceeds Kickstarter Funding Target

February 15, 2024

A New Game Merging Stardew Valley with Fantasy RPG Elements Exceeds Kickstarter Funding Target Amid Enthusiastic Support from the Gaming Community

Tales of Seikyu Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goals and Achieves Over 100,000 Steam Wishlists”

Tales of Seikyu, a captivating indie adventure game blending elements of Stardew Valley and fantasy RPG, has experienced an overwhelming surge of support from the gaming community. Within hours of launching its Kickstarter campaign, the game achieved remarkable milestones, surpassing its funding goals and amassing over 100,000 wishlists on Steam.

Set in the mystical expanse of Seikyu, Tales of Seikyu invites players into a fantasy farming simulation adventure teeming with yokai creatures. The town is bustling with lively inhabitants whom players can interact with, trade, and even form romantic relationships. Accompanied by their companion Kon, players embark on a rural existence, engaging in activities such as farming, crafting, ranching, fishing contests, and exploring underwater ruins on Yōkai Island during the Showa era.

The success of Tales of Seikyu’s Kickstarter campaign has been nothing short of phenomenal. Within just 12 hours of its launch, the game exceeded its funding goal, raising over $275,000 and garnering an impressive 100,000 wishlists on Steam. This achievement underscores the widespread appeal of the game’s concept and the robust community support driving its development forward, positioning Tales of Seikyu as one of the most anticipated farming video games.

Tales of Seikyu promises players an array of engaging features and RPG mechanics to delve into its richly detailed world. With over 40 types of seeds and a multitude of activities inspired by Stardew Valley, players can cultivate crops, raise livestock, and craft unique recipes. Additionally, they can decorate their homes with furniture, utilize production tools to enhance their work, and unlock unique abilities by shape-shifting through mysteries using divine masks.

With 30 diverse characters to interact with, players can nurture friendships, pursue romances, and forge meaningful connections within the vibrant world of Seikyu. Each yōkai resident boasts distinct personalities, occupations, and interests, adding depth to the immersive gameplay experience. Players can also invite friends to join them on adventures and tackle the various challenges that await in Tales of Seikyu.

The resounding success of Tales of Seikyu’s Kickstarter campaign serves as a testament to the passion and dedication of the development team. With its compelling blend of farm sim mechanics and RPG elements, the game has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. The strong support received during the campaign sets a promising foundation for the project, signaling a bright future ahead for Tales of Seikyu.

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