A humorous Palworld bug pixelates the player character after butchering a significant number of Pals.

January 30, 2024

A Palworld streamer encounters an amusing bug that unexpectedly pixelates their character permanently after butchering an excessive number of Pals.

A Palworld player recently stumbled upon a glitch that resulted in the pixelation of their character after a substantial amount of Pal butchering. Since its release in January, Palworld has enjoyed considerable success, thanks to its distinctive blend of genres, keeping players busy as they explore the diverse offerings of the game.

Palworld, functioning as both a survival simulator and creature-collector game, has gained attention and stirred some controversy by positioning itself as a more mature alternative to the Pokémon franchise. In the game, players traverse the world, collecting and engaging in battles with creatures known as Pals. Beyond combat, players can put these creatures to work constructing bases, crafting items, gathering resources, and more. The unique aspect of Palworld allows players to directly engage in combat with Pals without relying on their collected companions, and they can even butcher them for food and other materials.

Butchering a high number of Pals in Palworld has been found to trigger a bug.

Game streamer Alexia Raye shared a TikTok clip featuring her Palworld character seemingly permanently pixelated. According to her, this occurred after butchering 100 Pals, with the bug arising from the game’s pixelation of the violent act of butchering. The pixelation extends to the player character and appears to persist, though some players have observed that reloading the world resolves the issue. Despite the amusing nature of the bug, it can be distracting, particularly during critical moments in the game.

Amidst these glitches, Palworld players are actively engaging in the game’s open-world and building aspects, creating diverse structures within their bases. The crafting and building possibilities in the game have contributed significantly to its popularity, with players showcasing their imaginative creations online. As the developer, Pocket Pair, continues to release future updates, players can anticipate new discoveries and an improved gaming experience.

Despite occasional bugs, Palworld has swiftly gained a substantial following, positioning itself as a potential breakout original video game franchise. Its success seems promising, provided it navigates and addresses any controversies that may arise.

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